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2024 Exchange with Kobe University
Faculty & Students for the 79th Anniversary

Monday August 5, 7 - 8:30 pm
via Zoom


The atomic bomb used on Hiroshima, Japan, on August 6, 1945, was "Little Boy" (left). The bomb was dropped by a USAAF B-29 bomber, Enola Gay, (right) piloted by U.S. Army Air Force Colonel Paul Tibbets, Jr.

Please join us for conversation and community with Kobe University faculty and students, and international participants.

Three short videos—two from the Cold War era, and one from 2019—will be shown. The films will be followed by Zoom conversation and dialogue.

Program theme:

Is surviving nuclear war possible? 
What are the consequences of considering survivability in nuclear war?

To receive the zoom link: Please email

Many thanks to Popoki Peace Project for organizing this event!

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